We, NISSAN TANAKA CORP., have been doing our utmost to minimize the environmental impact of all our business activities with developing and providing ecology products and service.

Environmental Management System

We recognize that proactive commitment to environmental protection is a social responsibility for every business corporation since 2002. In order to enforce this activity, we established our presidential environmental policy and are certified by Environment management system ISO14001.

Presidential Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Based on our original technologies of cutting, welding and gas controls, we will aim to prevent the earth enviroment, minimize the environmental impact and improve it by all the business activities.

Presidential Environmental Policy

  1. With saving resource, energy and waste by all the business activities, we set environmental purpose and goal to minimize or reduce the environmental impact,
  2. Set environmental objectives and plans and make concrete progress toward environmental preservation by performing related activities.
  3. Develop the technologies to minimize the environmental impact and promote its products.
  4. Abide by environmental law and regulations.
  5. Perform educational and daily environmental management activities to raise the environmental consciousness of each employee, and conduct activities open to participation by all employees.


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